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What is Compounding?

Pharmaceutical compounding is the preparation of customized medications to match the unique health needs of each patient. The specially trained compounding pharmacist can work with the patient and the prescriber to create a custom product tailored to the needs of an individual patient.

Who requires Customized Compounded Products?

  1. Patients requiring limited dosage strengths, such as a very small dose for infants
  2. Patients requiring a different formulation, such as turning a pill into a liquid or transdermal gel for people who cannot swallow pills due to disability
  3. Patients requiring an allergen-free medication, such as one without gluten or colored dyes
  4. Patients who need drugs that have been discontinued by pharmaceutical manufacturers
  5. Children who want flavored additives in liquid drugs, usually so that the medication tastes like candy or fruit
  6. Veterinary medicine
  7. Many types of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy

What Types of Medications do we Compound?

  1. Creams
  2. Discontinued Medications
  3. Lip Balms
  4. Medicated Lollipops
  5. Medicated Lozenges and Troches
  6. Modified Release Capsules
  7. Nasal Sprays
  8. Rectal and Vaginal Suppositories
  9. Otic Insufflations
  10. Pediatric Dosages
  11. Sugar-Free Preparations
  12. Capsules
  13. Veterinary

Prescriptions are necessary in order to dispense compounded medications. Please talk to your physician to see if compounding is right for you. For more information, please contact us.